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AI Ecosystem


Deepnoid aims to build a medical AI ecosystem with an all-in-one platform that covers the entire process from medical AI research to commercialization.

Through DEEP:PHI, an open platform for medical artificial intelligence, doctors can study AI models easily without coding, and the results are registered in the marketplace DEEP:STORE as an AI app. Doctors in the medical field can'subscribe' to the app, the AI ​​reading solution they need, and use it for reading in DEEP:PACS. Reading doctors choose whether to subscribe based on the accuracy and reputation of the AI ​​app, as well as cover lesions, and can send feedback on the AI ​​app if necessary.

Deepnoid is creating an AI ECO SYSTEM that enables medical AI model research and product solutionization, AI app subscription and feedback, and continuous AI model additional learning and advancement through this.

How does AI ECO SYSTEM actually work?

What are Medical AI Platforms?

  • DEEP:PHI is an open platform that supports doctor-led medical imaging AI model research efficiently.

  • Even doctors who do not know coding can easily create AI models. You can use image processing modules and neural network modules for free, and you can effectively use computing resources in the form of cloud.

  • After completing the AI model with DEEP:PHI, it is linked so that it can be registered in DEEP:STORE, an artificial intelligence marketplace in the form of an app.

  • With DEEP:PHI, anyone can easily conduct medical AI research without coding. When the study is completed, you can deploy the AI App to DEEP:STORE.

  • With DEEP:STORE, you can use the best AI app to help diagnose with a single click. DEEP:STORE aims to maximize work efficiency in the medical field by providing various professional AI apps to the world.

  • In the medical field, doctors use AI Apps and leave feedback. This makes the AI app more sophisticated. Also, during the reading process, additional data sets can be created by labeling for further learning.

  • DEEP:PACS is a solution that improves reading efficiency by installing an AI App. After installing the AI App from DEEP:STORE to DEEP:PACS, it can be used for reading.

  • DEEP:PACS Worklist combines flexibility and scalability to automate radiology workflow across the enterprise. Also it organize a peer review process to elevate the quality of diagnosis.

  • DEEP:PACS Viewer is a real-time medical image diagnosis by AI. Also, it is DICOM standard and web based, and supports medical image measurement and annotation.

  • DEEP:PATHOLOGY is a web-based digital pathology system that can be accessed only by URL, so it is more convenient to use than an installation type system.

  • It is specialized in large-capacity pathological image management and is linked with an artificial intelligence solution to simultaneously perform image reading and artificial intelligence analysis.