AI Solutions


Recently, a clinical decision support system based on artificial intelligence has been proposed to solve problems such as increase in image data, shortage of medical personnel, and diagnosis efficiency. It is a technology that accurately diagnoses, predicts, and classifies diseases using medical big data such as hospital medical records and medical images. It is expected to help improve the quality of healthcare by linking medical observation and medical knowledge. DEEP:AI is a medical imaging artificial intelligence solution that supports the clinical decision work of real medical personnel.


Medical artificial intelligence solutions are based on deep learning technology that extracts meaningful features by itself. Our medical artificial intelligence solution (DEEP:AI) analyzes clinical data related to diseases such as medical images such as CT, MRI, and X-ray, pathological images dealing with disease-related cells and tissues, and electronic medical records (EMR) of hospitals. It is targeted.

DEEP:AI can analyze suspicious areas for three diseases (cerebral aneurysm, vertebral compression fracture, and pulmonary nodule), making imaging diagnosis efficient. Medical data that can be analyzed for the product include cerebrovascular MRI image, head and neck CT image, chest CT image, spine X-ray image, spine MRI image, chest X-ray image, mammography image, upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, lower gastrointestinal tract Endoscope, dental X-ray, etc.

Our equipment products are DEEP:NEURO, DEEP:LUNG, DEEP:SPINE, DEEP:CHEST, DEEP:BREAST, DEEP:ENDO, DEEP:DENTAL, DEEP:FUNDUS, DEEP:PATH, DEEP according to the target disease category. :LIVER is divided into 10 products.