Together with Pride!


We are waiting for you to lead the 4th industry!

Innovation comes when people with different minds work together.

The convergence of artificial intelligence and medical care, the leading players of the 4th industrial revolution. For that big leap forward, we are looking for colleagues to create a'platform that will surprise the world'!

Don't you want to contribute to humanity, grow remarkably, and keep pace with the trends of the times? Break new ground with innovative ideas, and the difference was re-born as an innovative synergy of ideas, creating unprecedented solutions to the world, dream dreams, as it is the world leading company in next-generation medical artificial intelligence platform mosipnida colleagues going to create the future.

A working environment of autonomy and efficiency



• Autonomous working environment

• High-end equipment and software provided

• Full support for internal and external training and participation in conferences


• Providing annual salary, employee stock ownership, and stock options tailored to competency

• Implement a certain incentive and compensation system according to performance

• 100% support for work related expenses

To be immersed in work and growth



Eating and drinking

The company is responsible.

• Operating an in-house cafe with premium beans

• Fruits, drinks, snacks, and quick meals are always available

• Support for dinner and meeting expenses for each team once a month

We provide the best environment to show your capabilities.

Deepnoid strives to create an environment where employees can maximize their capabilities and focus solely on their work. We provide unlimited workshops, book support, coffee and snacks, and run an incentive system at the end of the year to share achievements according to contributions. We will continue to strive to provide a better environment so that better talent can do creative work.

Unlimited coffee and snacks!
​Festival gift/return fee
Forced overtime No!
Incentive compensation system
Meals provided (dinner)
Employee Stock/Stock Option
Workshop/education/book support
Annual leave/reward/work leave
Self/family congratulation support
Patent compensation

Unleash your passion in Deep Noid!

Deepnoid is creating the nation's first, integrated medical artificial intelligence platform by providing an innovative AI medical imaging solution that has never been before. A stage for re-creation where the best medical knowledge is shared and fields and technologies are fused, providing a platform for researching artificial intelligence! A world where innovation beyond imagination unfolds, isn't it exciting? Depending on your passion, we provide support for free, creative and voluntary work such as ideas through overseas conferences and exhibitions, various education/seminars, and workshops.