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AI Platforms


  • Core Technology: Pathology image digital labeling tool (digital pathology web application software)

We have developed a digital web-based pathology application solution that allows files to be shared without the need to exchange glass slides using artificial intelligence technology from digital images acquired by digital scanners . Due to the recent issue of lack of storage space for histopathology slides and difficulties in management, the trend is to change to a new pathology system by utilizing a method of photographing through a digital scanner and converting it into a high-magnification digital image.


The histopathology image is taken with a digital scanner that enlarges up to 40 times more depending on the scanner, and the file size is much larger than that of general medical images. In addition, the types of scanners used by each institution are diverse, and as many as two storage formats are supported for each scanner, the viewer processes and displays differently according to the format. Therefore, using technology to display digital image files in various formats, image segmentation technology for quantifying entire organization slides, upload management technology for large data, pyramid tile cache management and coordinate matching technology for large data, efficiently manage images and It is a web application that can be displayed.

In order to encourage additional research as well as for simple archiving in the institution, users can conveniently process the preparation process necessary for labeling and research by assigning it to several projects using the data uploaded by themselves. By linking with PHI, you can easily start artificial intelligence and big data research by transmitting the prepared dataset. In addition, automation and artificial intelligence algorithms created using DEEP:PHI or personal research tools are registered in DEEP:STORE and disclosed for other users to use, or an environment in which the developed users can conveniently use web applications is also configured. became

You can have smooth consultation and discussion between colleagues participating in the same research project, reduce the existing physical communication process, and achieve rapid research progress. It also provides real-time annotation and labeling capabilities, allowing you to observe other colleagues' activities, leading to active research. Through synchronization with DEEP:PHI, annotations and data prepared through research can be easily uploaded to conduct big data and artificial intelligence research, and the results can be sent back to the web application for use. It is a tailor-made tool to support digital pathology workflows with quantification of histological features and biomarker representation.