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AI Platforms

  • AI Platform: DEEP:STORE

  • Core Technology: Marketplace integrated management, application application code automatic generation, application operating environment scaling technology, continuous learning technology, PACS linkage technology

Marketplace is the concept of a market where users can buy and sell products in the form of artificial intelligence apps, and can be understood in a similar way to Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store. In the artificial intelligence marketplace, medical staff can select and use customized artificial intelligence models that fit the treatment situation. In other words, DEEP:STORE is a marketplace that connects medical professionals to register and use the artificial intelligence model developed through DEEP:PHI in the form of an app.


DEEP:STORE is a web-type store that allows users to directly link and use artificial intelligence apps needed by DEEP:PACS. This linkage is organic, so medical personnel can use it very easily in the actual medical field.DEEP:STORE automatically creates, builds, and packages an artificial intelligence app based on the artificial intelligence diagnosis algorithm delivered through DEEP:PHI, and connects it directly to the doctor so that various artificial intelligence applications can be integrated into the reading workflow in medical facilities. Support to be introduced.

Interworking between Platforms

Projects that have been researched in DEEP:PHI can be released in the form of an App on DEEP:STORE after going through the build and registration process. When registering as an App, the user (medical staff) can find and subscribe and use the desired App by part and lesion. Subscribed apps are synced to DEEP:PACS, and you can access them with the app.


When reading the patient's image with DEEP:PACS, a read request is made to the AI App, and the AI read result is received and displayed on the screen. Assuming the accuracy of the AI reading results, it will increase the efficiency of the medical staff's writing of reading reports, and if desired, feedback on the AI reading results can be sent. If necessary, we also provide an optional opportunity to participate to help improve the accuracy of AI apps by sharing datasets with additional labeling. Through this, AI app registrants can receive vivid feedback from the field to advance more sophisticated AI apps, and provide an appropriate compensation system to the field medical staff who sent the feedback to lead the virtuous cycle of the medical AI market and create an ecosystem that creates synergy. Will be possible.

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